Tommy Muncie, Writer

Science fiction crime novels

About my books

Carnathia’s Underground


A shape-shifting assassin on the run, a former fleet officer trying to atone for disgrace in his past…these two guys were just supposed to meet each other. One’s running a pro-fighting scam, the other thinks he’s just met his new best friend but has no idea what the said ‘friend’ really is. Considering how many people want them both dead, it’s all set to unravel pretty fast…

These books are a fast-paced, lurid, brutal yet darkly amusing and life-affirming ride. They’re a ‘sort-of’ prequel to my Talent Show series, set one of the same planets, and some characters re-appear later on.

You can find this book on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, and several other channels.

The Talent Show


Shadow Hatcher is determined to change his life, but witnessing a murder was not part of the plan. When Shadow gives a witness testimony, he sets himself on the path to discovering dangerous secrets. It begins with what’s behind his father’s fear of a mind power known as Talent. It will end with Shadow’s own murder if he’s not careful.

The Talent Show series began as Shadow’s story and developed into something space-opera scale.  When I chose to link it in with the plotlines from Carnathia’s Underground in Deception Crossing (Book 3) it really took off. I’m currently at work on The Crystal Ship – the fourth and final book in the series.

You don’t need to read the Carnathia’s Underground books to understand The Talent Show, but you will see extra depth and surprises if you do. They are only split into two series because the styles of them are slightly different – readers who like one style might not go for the other, but I hope you like both series.


You can find Shadow’s Talent – Book 1 of The Talent Show on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and other retailers.

5 thoughts on “About my books

  1. Come on Tommy you can’t just leave it there for only 2 Tallent books when is no 3 available too good for you to leave there


    1. Hi Jim, thanks for dropping in and I’m glad you like the books. Book 3 is my current work in progress, so don’t worry, there will be more! It will be called Deception Crossing, and I’d love to buy a cover for it to put next to the other two right now, but it’s too early for me to know what I want on it yet.

      I also have two new books due for release early next year: ‘Fighter’s Mark’ and ‘Fighter’s Defiance,’ which are set on one of the planets from the Talent Show books. They’re a prequel of sorts. The first is being edited in December for launch hopefully in January, so keep an eye out.



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