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The Talent Show Series

Smaller cover for About the Talent Show       Smaller version for About the Talent Show

The Talent Show series is set in England and its outerspace counterpart ‘The Colony’ in the 2200’s. Following peak oil, the Seeker class from a planet known as Carnathia controls Earth’s energy supplies and outer space construction program. The Seekers have also brought Talent, a mind power with many beneficial uses but also many dangerous ones. The world’s favourite drug is Dream Morphine, a now highly contraband substance known for its schizophrenic side effects. Also known as Liquid Talent, this substance allows any user to share the memories of others with full immersion in the experience. Earth is a highly regulated planet, but sometimes it only takes one person to break the rules and everything could change…

About Shadow’s Talent – Book 1 of The Talent Show

Shadow Hatcher is desperate to change his life.

Despite an unusually high aptitude for his dream career as an astronaut, he is an unlikely candidate in the eyes of most training schools due to his lowly birth in 23rd Century England’s divided society. Then Shadow witnesses a murder in the back lanes of his family’s farm, and lets the police record his memories to use as a witness testimony.

His bravery attracts the attention of society’s most powerful people, the Talented, whose links to the ruling class can make Shadow’s dream come true.

When his testimony results in the collapse of an illegal Dream-Morphine racket, Shadow is thrown into a strange new world with dangers that he is only dimly aware of. As he becomes more deeply involved in the world of the Talented, he must live with dark secrets and face constant dangers to prevent his family from paying the ultimate price for his success.

A price someone now seems intent on making them pay…

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5 thoughts on “The Talent Show Series

    1. Hi Jim, thanks for dropping in and I’m glad you like the books. Book 3 is my current work in progress, so don’t worry, there will be more! It will be called Deception Crossing, and I’d love to buy a cover for it to put next to the other two right now, but it’s too early for me to know what I want on it yet.

      I also have two new books due for release early next year: ‘Fighter’s Mark’ and ‘Fighter’s Defiance,’ which are set on one of the planets from the Talent Show books. They’re a prequel of sorts. The first is being edited in December for launch hopefully in January, so keep an eye out.



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