The cover has landed!


Thanks once again to Adam at for another awesome cover.

I don’t yet have a blurb I’m happy with for Book 2, but if you’ve read book one just let me tell you that things can only get hotter from here…you’ve had the mostly erotic book with a splashing of fight-action here and there, so let me make you a promise: this book is all about the action, because everyone wants a piece of Screft as his scam starts to unravel. Most of all Oscar, who was just starting to make the mistake of falling for his business partner, not knowing that he’s a con master, a shape shifter, and a killer…

Fighter’s Defiance is an ultraviolent novel with some messages behind it that seem more and more fitting to modern times. It’s never been a more important time to write about con artists, misinformation, people working against their own interests, and iniquitous super-villains.

Anyone can call Donald Trump names on Twitter and I don’t deny he deserves most if not all of them, but some people can write books where everyone’s angry but certain people come to realise that the best tacticians are the ones who can outsmart angry people, or learn to put how pissed they are at the world to good use. I’m an author who wants to go dark places with a brain as well as a literary sniper rifle with a name. I may not do a lot of protesting on social media, but rest assured I definitely do not keep my mouth shut. You just have to buy my books for the privilege of seeing how much I open it!

I’m putting the final touches on the book before it goes to my editor. One of my beta readers sent me the manuscript back this week complete with notes, and occasionally wrote comments to the effect of ‘Jesus Christ remind me never to piss you off!’ and I woke up the next day with that ‘Am I actually a bad person for ever putting this shit on paper?’ thought that writers sometimes get.

The short answer: Hell no! The long answer: now’s never been a better time to express how fucked up the world can be. This is one of those stories it takes a bit of guts to put out there, but every time I turn the news on lately I feel like nothing can stop my authorial rampage through the world of what people are capable of doing to each other. I’m a guy who sits behind a desk and pounds books into a keyboard because at least I feel like I’m not making the world any worse. To entertain is to make it better. So imagine my villains as whoever you like and enjoy what Screft and his psychotic brother between them can dish out.

Besides, sometimes there’s redemption and people still hoping for something from the world. No, I didn’t just spoil the ending. It would take a lot to redeem a character like Screft…

The book will go to my editor in March and will be scheduled for release in early April. Watch this space.