I’ve done the Christmas snark already, so let’s….hmm, I’m thinking of that film ‘Over the Hedge’ where RJ says to Vern ‘I always knew that under that shell was a soft nuggety centre!’ Sorry Die Hard, the coolest thing Bruce Willis ever did was the voice of that raccoon…

Anyway, back to me being a great big softy at heart, I bought a can of coke for a kid the other day. True story, not just another author exercising the brain. It wasn’t exactly a huge gesture, just that this kid was in the queue behind me in Sainsbury’s when I was doing my Christmas shop, and his mum hadn’t quite given him enough. I’d just bought my bodyweight in food and booze and decided I could spare a little extra. Yes, he did say thank you. They really do have manners, most of them! Is my Christmas good deed done? Not quite…

Yep, I’m on the book promo horse again, but this one’s special. You can bet on a winner right here!

Usually us authors get to list our books in Patty Jansen’s promotions for free, but for this one there was a minimum donation, and all these donations will go towards a package or two that are going to help struggling indie authors out. I put Ghost of the Navigator in it, and donated a little something extra on top of the minimum $10 for the pleasure. Honestly, I care less about you buying my book than I do about spreading the word about this one. Forward this email, donate a tweet…remember what I suggested you did in the last email in Starbucks? Why haven’t you even bought the magic marker yet? Oh yeah, and buy someone else’s book. They’re all full price, but think of it this way: you will have helped fund the donations we all made.

Click on the image below to check it out.


Okay, I’m done being the Christmas shill. Hope you all have a good festive season, and whatever you do, keep reading. Follow the example in my weekly Books and Booze tweet; both are good ways to stay sane. If you’re teetotal, fair play to you. But if you don’t read…nah, we’re not even going there!

(This post was adapted from what went out this morning in my newsletter)