I’m on a roll this December already. This weekend just gone I gave away over 900 copies of my debut novel thanks to sci-fi author Patty Jansen’s fantastic promo… go Patty and go Shadow go! Let’s hope this is the start of getting this series some legs again…

So now’s also a good time to get the ball rolling on Carnathia’s Undeground – a two book set that takes place on one of the planets mentioned in Talent Show. These books are completely independent, but with one or two characters making a guest appearance. And I’m happy to finally reveal Book 1’s awesome cover, done by Adam Hall at atomcreative.com:




Needless to say, I’ve gone from being excited about releasing this book to really excited! I can’t wait to get it on pre-order as soon as it comes back from my proofreader.

Someone recently asked me to describe this book. Although the cover promises something a little different from the description I gave, I still rather like my response: ‘If Quentin Tarantino and Clive Barker got drunk together one night and said “Let’s write a sci-fi novel together” it might come out something like this, with a hint of Don Winslow’s 3rd-person-present style for good measure.’

When I read it though, it’s sort of that, but not quite. It’s a combination of many of my influences, but hell, it’s mine!

Let’s have a blurb then:

Being a form-shifting assassin is useful when you have a limitless price on your head.

Screft has stolen secrets from the planet Nastrophen that could change worlds. Once a ‘True Kendrii’ – the highest honour in the planet’s army, he’s now on the run and hiding on neighbouring Carnathia. He’s promised himself he’s done with killing and can lead a better life, but he’s not done with fighting. Pretending to be the wayward son of a powerful senator, he’s pulling a pro-league fighting scam to fund the research that might fix him as a human permanently.

Screft is not above suspicion though. A fight promotor, a journalist, a doctor and Screft’s new father are already questioning his behaviour. Can he really hide as a human forever, and understand human kind? Can he really stop killing people to survive?

When he meets Oscar, a former fleet pilot with disgrace in his past, he believes he’s found the companion who might help him win against the world. But if Oscar finds out what Screft really is, there could be more lives at stake than just their own.


The above blurb is still up for improvement – if you’re good at critting blurbs, feel free to drop me a line.

This book is four years in the making, and it’s amazing to finally have it out there. For those who’ve followed a few posts on this blog, it started life as ‘Welcome to Sentago.’ Thanks to everyone who’s played a part in its creation. I’m planning a New Years Day launch for it, if Amazon will let me pick that date when I set the pre-order up.