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I’m not doing a ‘Season’s Greetings’ post because I’m not perpetuating Christmas. At all. I’m really not. It started in September anyway, because every supermarket told us it should when they put £5 tubs of chocolates out, so I’m too late. Did I mention I like to drink? I’m a writer, of course, I didn’t need to. Put scotch on Christmas prices in September and then I might buy into the whole rat-race. Or at least it would help me be a little more oblivious to it.

Someone at work jokingly said to me ‘Charles Dickens invented a word for what you are,’ to which I replied ‘I write books too and Dickens can kiss me arse,’ and then spent the whole day trying to work out how to do ‘Shadow’s Christmas’ as a short story, only to eventually remember that line about how his family don’t celebrate it because a dictator of times past banned it and in happier times people didn’t need to revive it. Or something like that.

So you won’t get a Christmas short story from me. But as you’re getting ready to do your Christmas shopping, and I’m ready to finally admit that I lied and in fact I am doing Christmas yet again, I can tell you where to get something cool…

You guessed it, I’m going to tell you about a book promotion, but before you groan and bin this, just give me one more minute to explain. Please? It involves free stuff! I know you’re already spending way too much money this month, so what’s better than that?

Still with me? Okay, here we go. Have any of you heard of a sci-fi author called Patty Jansen? She’s good – I’ve reviewed two of her books this year. She also runs a monthly promotion page for other SFF books, and this month it’s all about the free books. There’s a lot on offer, and I’ll be honest, I’ve read none of these books yet, but it’s not about me. Find something here you like to read. There’s a pretty wide selection.


You guys are important because you actually read the stuff we indie authors put out there. You’re subscribed to this newsletter, so even if you haven’t read my books yet, you’ve given me chance to say something to you. If you want a nice simple good dead to add to your December, give some other independent authors a chance too and take a look. Share PJ’s promo page with your friends, make some noise on social media, be naughty like half my characters and do something like write ‘FREE BOOKS’ and the URL on the table in a coffee shop with a permanent pen…just do something fun!