So it’s the weekend again. Watcha’ drinkin’?

Click the image below and take a look at some of these books…tell me they don’t look at least as appealing as those drinks you’re going to spend your pocket money on during happy hour! 0.99C? That’s not even half a pint, and you get HOURS of fun from just one click!

Please note: this promotion starts tomorrow – Saturday 3rd. Don’t blame me if you didn’t read this paragraph and find these books too expensive (yeah, I’m calling you a tightwad!). I’m only posting this today because I have a busy social calendar this weekend (gasp…sci-fi writers have one of those?!)

Yep, I’ve already been pressganged into doing Parkrun tomorrow morning with friends, and when ‘Keep Pushin On’ by REO Speedwagon kicks in on my iPod I probably won’t be thinking of the running, but thinking ‘Are cool things happening with those books right now?’


In seriousness please note: I haven’t read any of these books, although I’ve read other works by some authors. (Patty Jansen’s first two Ambassador Books rock!) I do not profit monetarily from this unless….yeah you got me, I have a book in there too.

I put Ghost of the Navigator in this fantastic cross promotion organised by SFF Author Patty Jansen. It’s 0.99 all weekend. But then again, if you’re on this site you’ve probably already got it, or you’re sick of me trying to give it to you. If you’re come in here brand new to all this, the first book in my series is FREE. You can get two books just for 0.99 this weekend!

Otherwise, enjoy what you find here!