It’s finally launch day! And better yet, my first ever author interview has just gone out. Nadine at Spectrum Books interviews on me on all things Talent Show, on writing, on film, and how I do what I do.

3D Ghost of the Navigator

Is buying someone’s new book the easiest way to make them shut up about it? Probably not, but it might help. I recently got my first review for Shadow’s Talent on Smashwords, and apparently it’s ‘…an excellent example of science fiction done *right*.’ I’m starting to think that the slow-burn of wide distribution is starting to pay off. So, let’s have some links for GotN:




Barnes and Noble



24 Symbols

ScribD (Coming soon)

If you’re new, or you’ve been here before and I’ve hooked you back yet again, the first book in my series is still on permanently free promotion.

3D Shadow

(Find out more about Shadow’s Talent and the Talent Show Series on this site)