3D Ghost of the Navigator

You can now pre-order Book 2 of The Talent show on Amazon, Apple, and Kobo

(Yes I still sell at B&N, ScribD and Smashwords. Pre-order is pending on all of them.)


Thanks to my editor, Emily Nemchick, for a great job done on this monster of a novel. I’m still amazed I even finished it, let alone got it to this stage, but here it finally is!

There’s a release day interview about the series with Spectrum Books coming soon as well. In the meantime, if you’re reading this, check out some of the other authors on there. Some of them are seriously good.

Thanks to authors Michael Patrick Hicks and G.S Jennsen for giving me some extended feedback on the blurb, and to everyone else who commented on that post as well. Here’s the one I’m going to launch with (unless anyone can  find a typo or improve it even further…)

* * *

“Three years on from the birthday party that left him crippled for life, Shadow is well on the way to wrecking what’s left of himself. When stealing morphine from a hospital almost lands him in prison, his family give him one more chance to clean up, and he takes it. By his 21st birthday, he’s six months sober and settling for a simple and honest life. Then an unexpected visitor turns up at Shadow’s home, with a new idea about how to get his body restored.

Everything comes at a price though, and the elusive Blake Stanford’s price is going to be more than Shadow wants to pay. Yet despite his loyalty to both Shadow’s family and the Talent Council, Blake has dangerous ideas. The kind that can either make history or get people put in prisons that don’t officially exist. If they live long enough to reach them.

The Serious Crimes Office are hot on the tail of Blake and his new protegé, and Shadow has made enemies out of people high up in the world’s most powerful organisation: The Seekers’ Council, known for making unpredictable people disappear without trace. Is anyone truly his ally? The good doctor Kit Calloway still is, but keeping Shadow alive might just cost him more than his career this time.

Especially if the world’s most powerful Seekers discover Shadow’s true identity. Or the three tubes of Liquid Talent he once buried deep in a forest, and promised never to dig up unless lives depended on the secrets inside them…”