I’m blogging this up because I’m reaching out to a few people to ask for a quick opinion/crit on this new blurb. Whether you’re a reader, fellow author, or you’ve just wandered in, tell me what you think of this blurb for my second book, Ghost of the Navigator.

It’s only 250 words. This is the shortest thing I will ever ask you to read for me!

SPOILER WARNING: If you’re interested in reading my first book, Shadow’s Talent, then don’t touch this.  GOTN is book 2 in my series, and the very fist line of this blurb will spoil ST for you. To escape from this page you can always…okay, you know where I’m hoping to send you. Enough said.



Still with me? Okay, here’s the blurb:

Three years after the birthday party that left him crippled for life and destroyed his dreams, Shadow has destroyed himself with them. When stealing morphine from a hospital almost lands him in prison, his family give him one last chance to clean up. By his 21st birthday, he’s six months sober and settling for a simple and honest life. Then an unexpected visitor turns up at Shadow’s home, with one last idea about how to get his body back and his pilot’s wings with it.

Everything comes at a price though, and the elusive Blake Stanford’s price is going to be more than Shadow wants to pay. When Blake lets Shadow in on deep secrets about his origins, a whole new world of possibility opens up. But despite his loyalty, Blake has dangerous ideas. The kind that can either make history or get people put in prisons that don’t officially exist. If they live long enough to reach them.

The world’s most powerful organisation, the Seekers’ Council, are already suspicious, along with the Serious Crimes Office, a nosy journalist and a crime boss who wants Shadow for her own plans. Is anyone truly his ally? The good doctor Kit Calloway still is, but keeping Shadow alive could mean confronting a past he once promised never to go near again.

And buried in a forest are three tubes of Liquid Talent, containing memories Shadow has resolved never to dig up. Unless lives depend on the truth they might reveal…



Thanks for reading. Go to town on what needs changing, even if it’s all of it. If you don’t want to comment on here then please send any comments to tommymuncie@gmail.com or PM me on my Twitter account @Chacron.