Hey, you! Come over here, I wanna tell you a secret…

My secret is…I kinda copied that opening line from Anthony Vicino’s blog after he launched his last short story, because it’s cooler than any launch post I ever made.

Okay, my real secret is that I’m going to give away another book for free. That’s right, you can already get Shadow’s Talent free on Amazon, Kobo and B&N, and now here I am offering you the sequel as well. All you have to do is join my mailing list by following the tab at the top of this blog, and wait for your Advance Reader Copy to land in your inbox. 

This is a long book, and it’s been a long time coming. It’s also the best writing I have ever done, and if you’re fed up waiting for it after reading my first book, it will all be worth it. Trust me. If Shadow’s Talent impressed you, this book will blow you out of your seat. Let’s have a spoiler-free snippet:

GOTN Cover for blog

From Ghost of the Navigator:

I’d been aboard many space crafts, but by the time Blake came into the cockpit to find me sitting in the pilot’s seat, I knew I was sitting in the finest machine ever to be tangible in the world I lived in.

I was sitting in the pilot’s seat of this. Me. Even if I never flew this craft, or never even flew in it, it almost felt like enough just to have spent five minutes here. Until Blake spoke.

‘Would you like to fly to her?’

I got up, took a deep breath and collected my thoughts, not sure of how to express myself until I turned to Blake, and right then I was certain I was going to strike that deal. Because nothing could keep me from this.

‘Blake,’ I said, ‘only the dumbest human being alive would answer no to that.’

Blake smiled. ‘Agreed. Too bad I don’t have you down as a pilot then.’

‘Why not? The academy at Christensen’s did.’

‘Christensen’s missed a trick with you. One I won’t miss. You’re sitting in Walter’s seat. He’s the pilot. You’re a navigator.’ Blake gestured to the front seat next to the one I occupied. ‘That’s your seat right there.’

* * *

Does Shadow become the ghost or is he chasing one?

Wanna get your hands on the rest?

All I’m asking is that you’re kind to me about typing mistakes and possibly the occasional awkward sentence, because I will be sending you an uncorrected proof. My editor isn’t available for a project this long until February, and I won’t be launching until March. I can’t wait that long to share this book. As soon as I’ve formatted it, I want it in the hands of readers. That’s YOU. I hope.