What the hell, let’s do this tonight: the cover for GOTN is in! 



GOTN Cover for blog


I was sent two options, and after showing it to some trusted people I’m going for this one. I’m still at the stage where I can ask my designer to make tweaks before signing off on the final version, so if you have any thoughts feel free to speak up!

I wasn’t quite sure about the space ship design to begin with, but given a couple of hours looking at this cover, I’m falling for it. Besides, a designer as good as Dane at www.ebooklaunch.com is almost always right. Authors not getting exactly what’s in their mind’s eye are often a pain in the arse to work with as well. When I scaled this cover down to a thumbnail, as it would be in most ebook stores, I realised why the curved design works so well. Even though I’m taking a day or two to consider one or two minor possible adjustments that might improve it, I’m thrilled with this cover – it’s even better than the Shadow’s Talent one!

On another note, one of my beta readers sent me a message saying he’s finished with the manuscript and will soon be sending me his notes. Looks like I’m well on course for my self-imposed February 2016 launch deadline