(Edit, June 2017 – I’ve now taken the book off permafree, but look out for it at promotional prices)

I’m finally doing this: Shadow’s Talent is now a permanently free title! 

If you’ve previously bought a copy, thank you. Your support is still very much appreciated. All royalties so far have gone back into the book (you may have noticed the new cover a couple of months ago, and the book has now had a much needed professional edit.)

If you download Shadow’s Talent for free and falling in love with my characters or story makes you feel like supporting me financially, you still can – Book 2 of my Talent Show series, Ghost of the Navigator will be released in early 2016. Save your money for now, and sign up to my newsletter: I’ll let you know when you can buy Book 2, and plenty more I’m planning to publish.

At the moment, reaching readers is the most important part of my plan for my books. This means wide distribution and free copies a-plenty:

Smashwords (contains formats suitable for most e-readers, tablets, PC or Mac)


Barnes and Noble (Nook)


Amazon (have now also pricematched the book to free – thanks go to whoever answered the ‘Tell us about a cheaper price’ request I’ve just edited from this post. Two downloads so far this evening…so it begins!)

(Small disclaimer: this promotion applies to the ebook version only. It is the only format I currently publish in. When I get round to an Amazon Createspace copy, there will have to be a price attached for those who want it.)