Having one of those nights where I feel like writing and drinking were made for each other. My school of thought in a nutshell: alcohol makes very few people better writers, but it does distinctly enhance the experience if the amber-nectar is something you I enjoy. I do. Tonight I’m enjoying it like I never have  before…

With the second draft of Ghost of the Navigator (Talent Show book 2) complete, I’ve picked up my side project Welcome to Sentago again. I added 1250 to it this evening. Let’s have a teaser

* * *

Screft is a Kendrii – a shape shifter only allowed on planet Carnathia under strict licence. Of course, Screft doesn’t have one. He’s run there to escape from having caused his planet’s most notorious bloodbath. A tough match for anyone in a fist fight, he survives by running a gambling scam in the rings of Carnathia’s favourite playground city, Sentago, much to the worry of the virtuous Senator Galbraith, whose son Screft is pretending to be. What he’s done with the real son? Who knows?

Oscar Murdoch is a human from Sky City, who had a promising future and a rich family until he ruined both. A 21 year old nymphomaniac with a fetish for swimming pool chlorine and love of promiscuity, his disgrace has become one of the biggest in the city’s history. Only one thing gives him hope for the future now: escape to Sentago, with his dream of making his fortune back through his only remaining love: cooking.

When the ambitions of one human and one shape shifter meet, Sentago is going to get a show the likes of which it has never seen before…

* * *

The 1250 I added tonight was one of Oscar’s smoking hot encounters with a femme fatal. I went for full sensation, from sophisticated dining and fine tobacco with a generous lashing of futuristic wines and vodka, the feel of a like bathrobe lined with sable fur, some references to ‘an ancient Earth city called Venice,’ the memory of a mountain forest, some fashion sketches and a few clever loaded lines of dialogue while the pair of them do their dance.

Then I went downstairs thirsty and opened up my first ever bottle of orange flavoured cider. Never a more perfect moment to experience something so fabulously different. Apart from the occasional Stoli with orange juice, booze and orange just don’t work for. First time I saw that stuff in the shop where I work my weekend job I thought ‘Orange and cider? Seriously?’ Yeah, seriously, this stuff rocks. I’ve never tasted anything like it. Too sweet to be a session drink, but perhaps that’s the idea: it’s there to be savoured. Just have one. Take the edge off, sit back and think ‘That scene I just wrote’s good!’

Oh yeah, and I want this book beta-read and sent to an editor by the end of the year. If you’re looking forward to it already, keep your eyes posted.