How did I not notice that on my main running route there’s a library? Perhaps because it used to be a phone box. I didn’t even know it was defunct, let alone converted by the locals. Seriously, how cool is this?

IMG_3981      IMG_3984

Last year, Litreactor had this article on weird and wonderful libraries that made me realise that I library can take just about any form going…and made me think I really should visit Stuttgart just to see what an Apple store with an M C Escher drawing looks like in the flesh…and somehow made me think ‘What if my shape shifting alien killing machine in Welcome to Sentago used a day job as a librarian as part of his cover?’ But a phonebox library? Well hell knows most phoneboxes in this country are sod all use when it comes to making calls anymore. There’s actually a phonebox museum in Hove, East Sussex. I’m really not kidding, I used to live about a mile away from it.

Have I borrowed anything from it yet? No, when I found it last night I was too busy wiping sweat off my hands so I could use my iphone camrea to take the pics.

Have I put a copy of my own book in it yet? No, but I might when I get that print copy sorted. The inscription will probably read ‘This copy is signed by the author. It also belongs in the phonebox library in *************, Dorset, England. If you don’t return it when you’re done, you’d better tear out this page and hope I don’t find you.’