It’s approaching a year since my first book launch, so while I continue to toil away at the sequel, let’s mark the occasion with a free promotion!

I’ve set the price to free on my distributor (namely Smashwords) and all other major retailers I’ve check have now matched it. Amazon have yet to pricematch, but last time I did this they cottoned on pretty quickly once downloads happened elsewhere.

If you’re new to my work or want a quick link to your choice of ebook store, everything you need to know is here:

Okay, honesty time: sales really haven’t taken off for my first book, but I’m still in a good place with self publishing.

Number one, I’ve no negative reviews yet. Yeah okay, wave the Tempting Fate flags all you want, because it’s going to happen sometime anyway. Besides, I’m disappointed that I haven’t at least earned the badge of honour that comes with a one star review written by someone objecting to a couple of my characters having a bit of a mouth on them. To get a constructive review of two stars or below? Well I might actually find something to improve on!

Number two: I know how to generate reviews on a marketing budget of virtually zero: go for the free promotion. I’m not a brilliant businessman by choice, because at the moment I’m using my free time to write the next book rather than sit at the computer working out ways to promote my first and then doing it, and partly because money is limited. Yeah, I’m between ranger contracts and working in a corner shop to pay the bills. We’ve all been in this sort of place, especially if we’re writers or earn a living off jobs where permanent work is hard to get. I’m both. So rather than worry so much about money, because I’m used to not having a lot of it, I should think about just attracting readers instead. For the whole of June, that’s what I’m going for.

You look cool with that e-reader. You really do. So put something cool on it!

An update for the couple of people who’ve asked if I’m ever going to do a print version: the short answer is yes. Absolutely.

The slightly longer answer is I want to do it with a new cover and I’m currently in the process of getting one sorted, but for various reasons it’s taking longer than I’d expected. Plus I need for format a PDF to send to whichever printer I use and this is going to take a while for me to learn how to do. At the moment I’m going hell for leather to get a finished manuscript for Ghost of the Navigator, so the print version for Shadow’s Talent is a few months down the line yet.