Can you make cider with cherries? I didn’t think so either until I found a bottle on the shelf in the supermarket…I wonder if the appeal lay in how it actually looked kind of futuristic. Once I’d poured it into a fancy glass it really did feel like something I should have been drinking at a bar in The Colony. Never tasted anything like it, it was really quite amazing! Wish I’d bought more of it. Sweet though. Not a session drink unless you want to be puking pretty quickly on the sugar content…

Had a reading marathon today to finish Judas Unchained by Peter F Hamilton (all 1125 freakin’ pages of it, starting from 800 where I left off yesterday) and get a Goodreads review up. If you can find a sci-fi author as brilliant a world-building and keeping the pages turning with mystery, do let me know who they are. I’ve taken some real masterclasses since I started reading Hamilton four years ago. If you’re already a fan and you end up reading my books too, enjoy the ‘lampshades,’ as calls them. He’s also a very nice guy. If he’s doing a signing anywhere near you when his next book comes out, go meet him.

I also had a look at ScribD for the first time today: an ebook library offering unlimited books for a small price each month. Pretty cool interface and the app has a nice design that works on my Nook. Okay, author self-interest time: I wanted to see if my book was on it yet and what it looked like. I’m impressed. If you use ScribD or fancy trying a new ebook source, you can find me on there and borrow the book without having to buy it. If you do a free month’s trial and read my stuff I think I still get a royalty!

Update on The Talent Show: I’ve gone for Draft Two of Ghost of the Navigator Part One before I try and do the first draft of Part Two. I want to get certain things straight in my head before I start digging more holes. It’s still going to be one big book, and some of the places I’m taking it are really starting to look cool.

Shadow’s Talent is soon hopefully getting a cover makeover. Let’s face it, as much as I like the current one it simply isn’t attracting the right audience. The dog idea as a symbol of Shadow himself was a risk I took that hasn’t worked. I’ve engaged a different cover designer this time and we’re currently working out a totally different design. Will post again as soon as I have anything new.

Shadow’s Talent is now back in all the ebook stores I first launched it in, following my disappointing experiment with selling exclusively through Amazon. Updated links can be found on my top menu.