I’ve had a fair amount of traffic through this site over the last couple of days thanks to someone posting a link on Reddit (thanks for that, if you’re reading this!) The timing was never better…

Shadow’s Talent is now back on every platform I originally released it on, including Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple and ScribD. I’ve also decided to try it on Google Play for the first time.


Update on Ghost of the Navigator, for already anticipating it: I’ve now completed Part 1, at an admittedly extravagant 146,789 words. Loads of that is padding. I can already see at least 30k in cuts and half of it reads like me working out the story for myself through characters, but that’s what Draft 1’s for. I’m ploughing on with the second half of the novel before I start raking through it all and redrafting.

One reviewer on Goodreads said they hoped for better things to happen for Shadow. Good things do happen for him at times, but when I think of that comment I do find myself mostly saying ‘You’ve seen nothing yet.’

Shadow’s Talent is quite a dark story. GOTN has more of a mysterious mood to it in the first half, with plenty of Shadow wondering who if anyone he can actually trust in the world. In the second half I’m not just taking him dark places, I’m going for full dark with no stars. At the root of this sequel is one pretty uncomfortable question: how much pressure can one human being take before they crack? I’m not just talking about Shadow. The people around him are looking increasingly volatile, and as if my protagonist hasn’t already paid prices high enough for still being alive…

Okay, too much already.

Shadow’s Talent now feels like a novel where I’ve set up a world and a protagonist and given it wide reaching potential. GOTN is the explorer novel, from the twinkling buildings of The Colony to outer space guard posts and crossing points and all the way to the planet Carnathia with its tinged deserts and multi-levels of city sky traffic, its infamous ‘Outlands’ and its hidden interplanetary graveyards. Memories new and old come out to play in both tubes of Dream Morphine and places buried deeper in human consciousness as Shadow chases the mysteries behind people who go places most of us would never come back from.

On a slightly different note, I’m probably getting a new cover for Shadow’s Talent soon. Stay tuned.