There’s nothing to motivate an author working on the second book in a series like a great review of the first one. The review that landed on last night made this morning’s 2000 shoot by like a Colony craft. Avikuro’s review took me a little puzzling over, after starting with

‘I bought it on a whim after meeting the author in a pub and am really glad that I did! It kept me reading from the first to the very last page.’

I think I’ve deduced where and when I met this reviewer, and I’ll keep it to myself, but to all self-published authors out there, here’s a marketing tip: get out more. Go to the pub. It doesn’t matter if you’re in there alone, because sometimes strangers are simply friends you haven’t met yet. Well, maybe not friends exactly, but someone who might think that YOU are interesting and it might be because you’ve written a book that they’ll check out. If your book’s even cooler than you are, well done. You’ve just promoted yourself and had a life away from your writing all at once!

If it’s the right kind of conversation to give someone that author business card with the Amazon link on it, go for it. That’s what I did.

Be patient. If this review came from the meeting I think it did, then it was quite some months ago. Like I’ve said before, readers are busy people. Even if they love your book, real life calls.

Speaking of which, here’s another quote from Avikuro:

‘On a side note, as a psychologist, I also really appreciated that the brain anatomy (briefly) described has been actually researched, since too many other books invent things for ‘plot purposes’ that are unrealistic at best or totally wrong at worst!’

Thank you! I did look up the said section on my Nook and had a moment basking in my own glory, admitted egotist that I often am. Interesting comment though, considering I invented these mind powers and made them part of an increasingly complex plot. It’s always nice to know that I have a certain amount of realism behind the absurd and impossible. I’ve said before that’s a hallmark of good sci-fi, and now I have a certain amount of reviewer backup.

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Keep climbing! -T.