When in doubt, drop your price! By tomorrow night at the latest, Shadow’s Talent should be at the price advertised above. Have one less cup of coffee, pint of beer or shot of Scotch this Friday night and give a little indie sci-fi a try while you hang out in the bar. Seriously, you DO look cool with that Kindle. So put something cool on it!

I’ve had one reader contact me recently offering to beta-read Ghost of the Navigator for me, saying ‘I can’t wait to see what happens to Shadow!’ Well, I’m working my arse off right now to get a finished book that will satisfy that reader…getting a comment and offer like that is part of every independent author’s ideal process. The superfan is creatable, and intend to create as many reader responses like this as possible.

Update on GOTN while I’m at it: I’m up to 110,000 words and counting, and just at the end of Part 1 of 3. I’m already planning some pretty hefty cutting once I get this draft done, and am still aiming for a total book length of around 200,000 words (that’s shorter than A Game of Thrones, just to compare). I’m aiming for draft completion by late April and then I’ll commission a cover when I have a better idea of what I want on it….keep your eyes open for the preview!

To those who are Kindle Unlimited members, this is the last month when you can borrow Shadow’s Talent, because as of March 7th I’m pulling it out of Unlimited and re-releasing it on all the other platforms I originally published on, including Scribd and any other lending based services I can get it on. Nothing against Amazon readers, it’s simply that my experiment in exclusively selling on Amazon has not paid off in the way I’d hoped it would. Grab the book under your Unlimited Subscription while you can!