So it’s that time of year when writers make resolutions that they mostly break. So, let’s go nuts… 1: Keep doing everything exactly as I’m doing now. 2: Get Ghost of the Navigator on an ebook shelf.

I was feeling tempted to set myself a deadline as my one writing related new year’s resolution already, but what closed the deal between me and myself was discovering my birthday is on a Friday this year. I’m not one for parties at all, but one thing I’ve never tried on my birthday is a book launch, party-style or otherwise. So…

Launch of Ghost of the Navigator is scheduled for Friday 19th June 2015.

Current status update: after this morning’s sit-down I’m now up to 72,872 words. Just behind where I was with Shadow’s Talent this time last year, but they’re two different stories so the only reason for comparison is whether I can keep the wordcount coming and what obstacles with the story itself I’m going to hit. Recent progress makes me think I’ve got it pretty well sorted in my head. Unless I find I can deal with the ideas more economically than usual, I think I’m heading for a total wordcount of around 200,000.

Honestly, I hope it’s less. Because if my estimate turns out right, then my current goal is now to get around 130,000 words written in six months. Not impossible but I then have to engage beta readers and get the editing sorted on a fairly minimal budget. But I pretty much did the same thing last year. Perhaps this will make me cut out some of the stuff I don’t need before I’ve even written it and develop a focus.

Being an independent author who does not have legions of fans barking at the gates for a release date, I do have certain luxuries. Like being able to break my resolution with very little consequences if I find I’m just not going to get there. But the name of the game is get there, and I’m already playing it pretty well.

Here’s to a productive 2015!