You can only check the parachute so many times before you jump….

It’s LAUNCH NIGHT! After two days straight of sitting at my computer to get the formatting and final copy edit right, Shadow’s Talent just made its debut on, and you can find it right here! It took a lot of deliberation on where to give Shadow his first home, but this is the site I chose, in the name of going as global as possible to reach a wide readership. Plus I like the founder Mark Coker’s philosophy on the business of books in general. The book will soon be available in the Apple iBook store, Barnes and Noble (Nook), and in mobi format for Kindle customers who shop direct at Smashwords itself….and that’s just to name a few!

This is an american site and distributor and the price is subsequently in dollars, but when this hits Amazon’s Kindle store (tonight, if all goes to plan) there should be a price in pounds for UK customers who prefer to buy from a UK store.

But enough of the business stuff….this seriously exciting for me! I now have a publishing credit to my name, and something I created and worked my arse off to get right is now available on a global scale! If it makes me some money then great, but the real reward in all this is knowing that I put my work out there and if I’m lucky I might just reach someone who really loves it. I’m not having a launch party: true to my nature I’m on my own as I type this, with a favourite Rush record on at high volume and a brand new bottle of Jack Daniels on the go….you didn’t think I’d unleash myself on the world sober, did you? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

As one person already knows, the ebook contains a ‘Thanks to…’ section at the end of it, and I’m going to reprint it here:

Thanks to…

My friends and family have put up with me talking about my writing for years, especially when I was getting close to publishing this book. Thanks to my mother, who in 2011 put a Guardian article about self-publishing in front of me, and my father who patiently read my completed draft and pointed out a number of editing mistakes I made, and both of you for all the support you gave me while I got my life on track and somehow managed to write this book as well.

Thanks to Bryn Hill for the evenings where we drank scotch and coffee over early drafts of this, and thank you especially for saying ‘we don’t know what any characters look like.’

Thanks to Kim Newton for all the time spent talking about the ideas, and for being part of the inspiration behind what eventually became this series (and I will get Jane Faraday back into this story soon, I promise!)

Thanks to Neill Adams for introducing me to the Calibre ebook conversion program, and for all the times you’ve helped me fix broken computers over the years.

Thanks to everyone on Litreactor who reviewed my workshop submissions with Shadow – especially Tim Johnson and Jonathan Riley who took this story ‘off the board’ and did line by line critiques with no strings attached and no holds barred. Thanks to YassirM for answering some very long questions on the medical research for the last third of the book…and if I’ve still got it wrong then do let me know.

Most of all, thanks to you if you are reading this, and if you’ve already read the book or are planning to. I’m sure to get an ‘Aren’t you forgetting someone?’ message after all that, so if I owe you a place in the books thanks page then drop me a line – the beauty of eBooks is that you can keep updating them.

-Tommy / Chacron.