Received two covers ‘for my consideration’ this afternoon, from Dane at ebooklaunch. These guys are on Mark’s List at Smashwords and are already proving to be well worth doing business with. I sent my ideas and invoice payment on Friday evening after a couple of drinks and one busy weekend later I have the first offerings already. Great work guys!

This is where I should share the one I liked best, but I’m not going to preview yet until we’ve finalised some small details. Let’s just say a collie ‘Sheepdog’ and a space age city are not nearly as daft a combination as I once feared they might be. Farms and science fiction mix. I always thought so, even before the farming colony ‘Lalonde’ in Peter F Hamilton’s Reality Dysfunction truly convinced me… and didn’t the late Clifford D Simak have dogs on the cover of City, in the issue before the SFMasterworks one?

To a couple of friends who were previously drawing me cover art: if you’re still working on it, don’t bin your stuff and don’t curse me out for calling in the pro’s just yet: I welcome any artwork for this blog and any other sites I make in the future. Plus you guys were doing pictures that contained Shadow himself, and these two new covers don’t have him in it. At least, not as a human.

Thought for the day: receiving those covers really picked me up, considering how at the time I was taking a break from my losing battle with a fence repair, sitting in a Land Rover sucking down yet another cup of coffee. Rangers and countryside people in general: if you are concreting in your wooden fence posts, you are doing the work of Lucifer himself. Please lead yourselves not into temptation, even if it does mean taking longer to tamp the thing in with rocks and stones and soil like it should be. Think of the poor person who ten years down the line has to dig that post out because it has rotted and snapped off, like your soul as soon as you started mixing that concrete.

I love my day-job really. Happy days!