My name is Tommy and I’m a writer. That’s exactly what it sounds like: the introduction at a meeting, in which I talk about something I’m hooked on. I can’t stop. I’ve been writing stories for almost as long as I can remember, and tonight I’m writing this because I’m finally setting out to get one noticed by the world.

If you’re here because I’ve made yet another post about my obsessive hobby on Facebook, thanks for putting up with me. Other people who might know me: I am Chacron on I was also once Chacron on That’s right, I once wrote fanfiction with the Sonic the Hedgehog characters. That’s my Writer’s Anonymous confession. E L James started in the Twilight fandom. I started just playing around with my favourite video game character, because I was stuck for anything serious to write. Far too much time spent on that for far too many years, but two good things came of it: a handful of my own characters who I liked, and the concept of the Sen-go mind power, which eventually became what is now called ‘Talent.’ Oh, and somehow I taught myself how to write a vaguely decent story.

Shadow’s Talent is my first novel – Book 1 of The Talent Show series.  It’s ‘soft’ science fiction, takes place around 200 years into the future, and begins with a seventeen year old whose dreams of being a spacecraft pilot are interrupted by a murder in the back lanes of his family’s farm. Shadow Hatcher’s life is probably a lot more simple than anyone else’s, until his decision to record his memories of that night as a witness testimony bring a world of new friends to his doorstep, who just might not turn out to be so different from the criminals he’s just put away. Shadow’s family has secrets in it that go well beyond what most people know about the world, and could lead to even his closest friends questioning his right to exist, let alone fly a space craft.

Can you cross your day job as a ranger and a love of the outdoors with wondering what Earth will be like when we can build colonies in space? Hell yes, and I’ve done it here. When Earth has run out of its own oil reserves, what if another planet came to it’s rescue, and brought with it a telepathic power that can do more than just talk? After what mankind has been through to survive, will the society that crawls from the wreckage really be so different? And what if one young man looks at certain forbidden places and decides he’s going to find a way to reach them no matter what?

Shadow’s Talent is about ambition. It’s a story for anyone who ever said ‘What I wouldn’t give to be able to do that,’ and for anyone who ever saw someone else say that and encouraged them however they could. It’s a story for anyone who ever hurt someone they loved and had to find a way to redeem themselves, and for anyone who ever feared losing everything because of one wrong decision. Perhaps more than anything, it’s a story for anyone who ever wanted something they were told they weren’t allowed.

Last night, I read the first twenty pages of Shadow out loud, at the Creative Club in Burnham on Sea. So glad it was reasonably well received by all those who attended, so thanks for listening guys! After years of thinking that reading my work aloud really didn’t help much, I’ve changed my mind: it helps, but you have to be in front of other people. When it becomes a performance, it brings on a whole different mindset – things I never really noticed before became so transparently clear that I wished I’d discovered this part of the process a long time ago. Prose is designed to be read silently (or at least I think it is), but reading it aloud can have very much the same effect as changing a word document to kindle format does – re-discovering my own story by looking through a different set of lenses. I think it helped that I haven’t looked at it much since I completed the final draft in March as well.

Our club leader wants to start detailing on the website what we’ve been up to, so I promised I’d finally get around to creating a link to some of my work and post what I read out. Before anyone tells me not to post my writing on a blog, I’m going down the ebook self-publishing route – IE I retain full rights and creative control of my work and can post it anywhere.

Excerpt coming soon.